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Student Organizations

As a higher education institution under the Universitas Islam Riau, the law faculty continues to prioritize Islamic characteristics as an inseparable part of the institution's vision and mission. Students, as part of the academic community, are also required to participate in activities in an effort to realize the faculty's goals and existing vision and mission. For this reason, so that there is direction in its realization, students are required to be able to carry out their functions, not only individually in the form of achievements but also in an organization.

On the other hand, in an effort to realize the student development pattern, the existence of student institutions is important. With the existence of student organizations, students have a platform for activities in order to channel and develop reasoning and knowledge, interests and hobbies, and initiatives to enhance their welfare and roles in society. Institutionally at the university level, including Universitas Islam Riau in general and the faculty The law in particular states that student organizations can be broadly grouped into three groups, namely:

As it is more widely known, is an organization that represents the aspirations of students. Ideally, its membership is chosen based on the outcomes of student elections, but occasionally its members are also representatives of student bodies or student levels.

The group, which is the faculty’s student legislative, is tasked with creating the general framework for a work program that the Student Executive Board will enforce. This group is in charge of selecting the Student Executive Board Chair and supervising the Student Executive Board’s implementation of its activities.

The BEM Chair is appointed or elected by Dema members, occasionally, at several of university institutions, students elect the BEM Chair through an open election.The chairman of BEM is a Dema mandatory. In general, the mandate given to BEM is to carry out tasks in the field of student activities in order to grow and develop the existing potential of all students.

This group usually departs from the function for which the group was formed, so that it is actually more technical and functional.
The participants in this group consist of:

a. Mapala (Mahasiswa pencinta Alam).

b. Al Mizan, namely a student group whose activity orientation is Islamic studies

c. Journalism

d. Legal Ambassador

e. The set of specialty programs, in this case, can be as follows:

  1. Civil Student Association Group.
  2. Law Student Association Group Business
  3. Constitutional Law Student Association Group
  4. State Administrative Law Student Association Group
  5. Criminal Law Student Association Group
  6. International Law Students Association Group

f. Other organizations with a more technical focus are those operating in sports, the community, and so on.

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